I am privileged

I am privileged that God has granted me a human incarnation. It is only in the human life that I can realise Him, reveal Him and manifest Him unreservedly and unconditionally.

I am privileged that ignorance-dream does not dare to intimidate me, because it sees God and God’s constant Protection around me.

I am privileged that my heart loves my Lord Supreme infinitely more than my mind can ever imagine.

I am privileged that my Lord Supreme Himself has asked me to offer Him a silent prayer and a soulful meditation early in the morning before I enter into the hustle and bustle of life. My silent prayer is this: “O Lord Supreme, do accept my surrender-life.” My soulful meditation is this: “O Lord Supreme, do enter into my gratitude-heart and remain seated there.”

I am privileged that my Lord Supreme discusses His Cosmic Plans with me in Heaven, and I am privileged that He has made me a faithful representative of His to execute His Will here on earth.

I am privileged that at every moment God loves me more than I deserve, He speaks to me more than I deserve, He gives me more than I deserve. In every way He does things for me, says things to me and dreams in and through me infinitely more than I shall ever deserve.

I am privileged that I fully and soulfully claim Him as my own, very own, my own Eternity’s own.

EA 35. 14 July 1977, 12:40 p.m. — Sri Chinmoy Centre, Jamaica, New York.