Awareness, devotedness, soulfulness and selflessness

Awareness, devotedness, soulfulness and selflessness: these are my lifelong friends. Awareness has transformed my animal life into human life. Devotedness has transformed my human life into divine life. Soulfulness has lengthened my divine life, and selflessness has immortalised my divine life.

Awareness has discovered all the higher worlds. Devotedness has discovered all the inner worlds. Soulfulness has discovered God’s universal Life. Selflessness has discovered God’s transcendental Life.

Awareness has a special connection with God the Creator. Awareness has pleased God the Creator in a special way. Devotedness has a special connection with God the Saviour. Devotedness has pleased God the Saviour in a special way. Soulfulness has a special connection with God the Liberator. Soulfulness has pleased God the Liberator in a special way. Selflessness has a special connection with God the Supreme Singer, God the Supreme Dancer and God the Supreme Lover. Selflessness has pleased God the Supreme Singer, God the Supreme Dancer and God the Supreme Lover in a special way.

On the physical plane my awareness-friend has made me smart, my devotedness-friend has made me bright, my soulfulness-friend has made me pure, my selflessness-friend has made me sure. My awareness-friend stands at my heart’s door and prevents ignorance from entering into my heart-room. My devotedness-friend tells me always to be thankful and grateful to the Supreme Pilot within me for what He has unconditionally done for me. My soulfulness-friend helps me identify myself with God the Creator, God the creation, God the One and God the many, to enjoy supreme oneness with the Beloved Supreme. My selflessness-friend helps me always to become consciously part and parcel of God the creation, and a surrendered instrument of God the Creator. My selflessness-friend tells me that today’s unrealised and unfulfilled man is definitely going to be tomorrow’s realised and fulfilled man.

The consciousness-ladder has four unique rungs: awareness, devotedness, soulfulness and selflessness. The consciousness-ladder that unites earth’s cry and Heaven’s Smile is for the seeker in me. When I step on the first rung, awareness, my ignorance-friend of the hoary past looks at me and is amazed, totally amazed, that I have stepped on the awareness-rung. Finally it disappears in utter frustration and failure. When I step on the second rung of the consciousness-ladder, devotedness, the ignorance-dream that once upon a time tortured my very being and existence is no more. The ignorance-dream cries for transformation. It cries to me to transform it into wisdom-reality. When I step on the soulfulness-rung, the world of frustration, worries, anxieties and utter failure stands before me for its improvement, progress and radical change. When I stand, finally, on the selflessness-rung, I become inseparably one with what the world has and with what the world does not have. What the world has is an inner cry; what the world does not have is a soulful smile from the ever-transcending Heights.

There is only one outer world, and this outer world is my preparation-world, which is founded upon my own awareness, devotedness, soulfulness and selflessness.

EA 42. 15 July 1977, 12:50 p.m. — Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium, United Nations, New York.