Obedience. I need obedience; I love obedience. I need my superior; I love my superior. My superior is my pathfinder. My superior is all responsibility. He liberates me from worry, anxiety, hesitation, fear and doubt. The uncomely forces that could easily have assailed me are well taken care of or, rather, are under the full control of my superior.

My obedience to my superior is not a forced surrender of mine. It is only my conscious awareness of superior divinity that is above me. But there shall come a time, through my continuous progress, when I shall be able to become one with my superior; I shall be on the same footing as my superior so that we can derive mutual joy. A real superior is he who cries and tries to bring up the inferior to his own standard so that he can play, sing and dance with him.

God is my only superior. Unless and until He can see me standing side by side with Him, His Manifestation-Light will not be able to permeate His entire creation. The human in me wants and needs a superior for protection and guidance. The divine in God wants and needs a partner, a collaborator, and not an inferior creation in order to be divinely cheerful and supremely fruitful.

EA 47. 16 July 1977, 6:45 p.m. — in transit to New Jersey.