Empty moments

You are saying that you suffer from empty moments. Do you know why? Not because you have nothing to do. Not because you have nothing to talk about. Not because you have nothing to read or write. Not because your world is wanting in friends. Not because you cannot trust the world. Not because you cannot claim anybody to be your own in this vast creation of God’s. No, the reason you suffer from empty moments is because you are not playing inside the garden of your heart with your heart’s child, the soul.

If you play lovingly, cheerfully, devotedly and unreservedly with your soul-child, then you will never, never suffer from empty moments no matter what the world gives you, no matter what the world does to you, no matter what you are doing and what you will be doing for this world of yours.

You are bound to suffer from empty moments. The empty moments will assail you unless and until you do the right thing, the only thing, which is your constant oneness-sport with your heart’s child, the soul. Something more: you have to realise the supreme fact that a tiny, soulful smile by your soul is the saviour of your life, the liberator of your life and the fulfiller of your life. If you can catch the soul smiling, you are bound to make progress in your inner life and you are bound to succeed in your outer life. And when you smile simultaneously with the soul, you become what you eternally are in the inner world: God’s own Satisfaction-Smile. Not empty moments, but a fulfilled and fulfilling smile is the only purpose of your existence-reality here on earth.

EA 79. 19 July 1977, 7:40 a.m. — Jamaica High School Track, Jamaica, New York.