Why do I not share?

Do I share my inspiration with you? No. Do I share my aspiration with you? No. Do I share my dedication with you? No. Do I share my experiences with you? No. Why do I not share my inspiration, aspiration, dedication and experiences with you? The reason is very simple. I feel that if I share these things with you, then I shall not remain unique. You will have the same things that I have, and my supremacy will go away. Even if you get the things that I have in a tiny, small measure, you will be able to claim that you, too, have the same as I. Then it is only a matter of time before you get the same amount as I have or far surpass me. So I am afraid of you. I am insecure, and I become jealous of you. Therefore, I do not want to share with you. My satisfaction will come to an end the moment I share anything with you, for then you and I will be on the same footing, which I don’t want. I want to be at least an inch above you so that I can lord it over you. Alas, alas, this is the realisation I have come to.

When I dive deep within I see my eternal Friend, my only Friend, my Eternity’s Friend, my Beloved Supreme. I see Him all the time sharing with me, with the rest of the world, with His entire creation. His inspiration, His aspiration, His dedication, His experience — everything that He has and everything that He is He shares with me and with all. Why? Why is He not afraid of losing His Supremacy, His Individuality, His Personality, His Lordship? If He grants me, grants us, what He has, if He grants even a portion of it, will it not make Him a lesser reality, will it not make Him incomplete?

My Lord Supreme tells me that I am a stark fool. When He gives me something, He does not lose. On the contrary, He increases. His offering of inspiration, aspiration, dedication and experience is like a flow of a river. When a river flows, meandering, it does not lose. Only it covers more territory, more land. His inspiration, aspiration, dedication, experience — everything that He has He carries with Him. He does not separate these things from His Existence. He carries, carries it all to us. From me it goes to you, from you it goes to somebody else. So His experiences, His achievements, His attributes, His possessions He never loses. On the contrary, He only distributes them here, there, elsewhere. He wants them to be spread all over, for He knows that the entire creation belongs to Him.

My uniqueness I want to show to the world with my sense of separativity. I exist for myself and I want to tell and show the world that I am one symbol, that nobody else is my carbon copy. At the same time, I do not want to be the carbon copy of anybody else. No, I want to be unique in my own way. Nobody will equal me, nobody will have the same shape, same pattern, same mould, same existence-reality as I have or I am. This is how I think of my uniqueness.

But my Lord Supreme has a different way of looking at His Uniqueness. He feels that His Uniqueness is expressed only when He sees His achievements and possessions here, there, everywhere. By making everyone His own, very own, by feeling that everyone is His and that He belongs to everyone, by feeling that He is for them and they are for Him, He feels His own Uniqueness in each. My uniqueness I want to establish with a sense of separativity. His Uniqueness He wants to establish with a sense of multiplicity. His entire Vision-Light He wants to dedicate to His creation, for He feels that only the acceptance of His Light by the creation can make Him universally lovable, universally fulfilling and fulfilled. Therefore, he wants this kind of uniqueness: the One with the many, the One with all, a oneness-song with a oneness-reality. At every moment He wants oneness-creation. The Oneness-Creator wants to sing His oneness-song with His oneness-creation, for He feels that this is the only way His Uniqueness can be manifested throughout the length and the breadth of the world.

EA 93. 20 July 1977, 12:50 p.m. — Sri Chinmoy Centre, Jamaica, New York.