Question: How can we build our intuitive power?16

Sri Chinmoy: We can build our intuitive power speedily if we know what intuitive power actually is. Intuitive power is our soul’s light.

The body is like a house. You have a house with quite a few rooms. Each room has some vibration of yours. You may not spend most of your time in the kitchen, but just because you go to the kitchen to eat, it has your vibration. Each room you spend time in has some vibration of yours, but there is one particular room where you spend most of your time, and this room is bound to have your vibration to the greatest extent.

It is the same thing with the soul. The soul is inside the body; that is why you are still alive. If the soul-bird flies away, you will die. The consciousness, the light of the soul, permeates your whole body. The light that the soul emanates is found from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head. But there is a specific place where the soul lives and is always available, and that is inside the inmost recesses of your heart. When you pray and meditate, if you try to enter into the heart or bring the heart to the fore, you can easily develop your intuitive power.

Or you can try to feel in your outer existence that you are nothing but the heart. In everything you claim as your own, in all your limbs, feel only the reality of the heart. If you think of your ears, feel that these two ears are nothing but a reflection of the heart itself. If you look at your finger, think that it is an expression of your heart. The heart means love and oneness. When you think of oneness, when you feel that oneness of your body with your spiritual heart, you become the universal reality. When you become the universal reality, when you claim this reality as your very own, you will see that the universal reality needs something to reveal itself, to manifest itself, to fulfil itself, and that is intuitive power. If you can focus your attention on the heart soulfully and devotedly, then you will develop slowly, steadily, confidently and unerringly the intuitive power.

EBJ 20. 30 April 1975.