The mind power versus the heart power5

The mind power is the world information power. From the world information power we come to know what the world looks like. The world looks like a round orange. The only difference is that the world badly and sadly lacks the delicious taste of an orange. From the world information we come to know how the world is. The world is extremely sick; it needs immediate treatment.

The heart power is the world experience power. From the world experience power we discover what the world actually is. The world is a devoted instrument of God. From the world experience power we discover what the world stands for. The world stands for conscious God-realisation, continuous God-revelation and constant God-manifestation.

The mind power is perception power. With this power we perceive a thing, a reality, but we do not achieve the thing or the reality. The heart power is identification power. With this power we not only achieve, but also become. What do we achieve? We achieve God-Perfection at God’s Choice Hour. And what do we become? We become God-Satisfaction, also at His Choice Hour.

The mind power is the penetration power of inspiration. Inspiration gets satisfaction only when it reaches its cottage destination. The heart power is the realisation power of aspiration. Aspiration is satisfied only when it reaches and becomes its palace destination.

The mind power wants to reason deliberately and skilfully. But to its wide surprise it sees the end of its life-journey in frustration-night. In the reasoning mind there can be no satisfaction, no abiding satisfaction. He who wants to live in the world of the reasoning mind can never be satisfied. Satisfaction always remains a far cry. But the heart power is revealed devotedly and soulfully. He who is ready and eager to be reasonable soulfully, devotedly and unconditionally will march along Eternity’s road in the heart, in the light of Immortality’s being.

The mind power believes in the existence of reality only after it has seen the face of reality and not a second before. The heart power spontaneously believes in the existence of reality. It does not need any proof. Heart is spontaneity. Reality is at once the seed and the fruit of the heart’s spontaneity.

The mind power is afraid of the heart power. It is afraid of the heart power because it thinks that it will lose its individuality and personality the moment it enters into the vast sea of oneness of the heart. Unfortunately, the heart power is also afraid at times of the mind power. It feels that it will be totally destroyed in the volcano of the mind’s destructive sense of separativity. But this unfortunate fear of the heart’s does not last forever. The soul eventually gets the opportunity to convince the heart that its qualities — softness, sweetness, kindness, sympathy, sacrifice, feeling of divine oneness with the inner Supreme Pilot — can never be destroyed. When the aspiring heart accepts this loftiest message of the soul, the heart no longer fears the mind. On the contrary it invites the mind — not challenges, but invites and welcomes the mind — to receive the light that it has already received from the soul.

The mind power wears out long before it reaches its destination. If it misuses its power, then it loses its capacity very soon, sooner than at once. Even if it properly uses it, the mind power does not last forever. The mind power does not house inexhaustible reality.

The heart power, which is founded upon the oneness power, soul’s oneness power, is at once the expression and the revelation of the transcendental vision and the universal reality.

The mind power is a short-lived power, an occult and miraculous power. The heart power is a psychic power, an eternal power, a normal and natural power of God, which God has granted us out of His infinite Bounty. The life that is dominated by curiosity is fascinated by the occult, miraculous power. But it is the normal, natural psychic power that we embody deep within the inmost recesses of our hearts, that illumines the animal in us, liberates the human in us, and fulfils the divine in us.

The mind power tells God, “Lord, I am as great as You are, I am as good as You are, I am as perfect as You are.” The Lord smiles and says, “Son, you are as good as I am, you are as great as I am, you are as perfect as I am.” But when the mind says, “I am as great as You,” here we notice the play of ego, the play of challenge. The ego of the mind comes to the fore and wants to be on the same footing as God’s transcendental Divinity and Reality. But when God says, “Son, you are as great, as good and as perfect as I am,” here we notice the song of oneness, the silence that embodies reality. The silence that embodies the omnipresent Reality of God, God reveals through His cosmic Sound when He tells the mind that it is as great, as good and as perfect as He is. When I say I am as great as you are, at that time my ego comes to the fore. But when I say that you are as great as I am, at that time my illumining and my fulfilling oneness plays its divine and supreme role.

The heart power says to God, “Lord, I know You are infinite, You are eternal, You are immortal. I know how helpless and useless I am. I make no comparison. But Lord, please grant me only one boon: I wish to claim You eternally as my own, very own.” The Lord immediately says to the heart power, “Son, you are not helpless, you are not hopeless, you are not useless. You are what I am, you have what I have. What I am is Eternity’s Transcendence-Reality and what I have is Infinity’s immortal and constant manifestation. You and I, son, are not only equal, but One, inseparably One. When you see Me, when you see My Height and Depth, you will realise what you eternally are, what you have been since the time of creation, even before the manifest creation. And when I see you, when I manifest Myself in and through you, I feel and see My Expansion, My Perfection, My Satisfaction in and through you. You need Me to reach My Height; I need you to manifest My Depth. We are One, the obverse and reverse of the same coin. I complement you; you complement Me. Through you I sing the song of My manifestation. Through Me you sing the song of your realisation.”

EBJ 5. 28 May 1975, 3:00 pm.