Question: You see, Guru, as for me, I am not interested in remaining too long in this physical body. I am sincere in this. It is just a question of discussing the possibilities of having the body last longer than it usually lasts. Now I have read in oriental books that there are souls who have remained in the same physical body for two hundred, three hundred and more years.

Sri Chinmoy: Why only in the Orient? In the Occident also there are such souls.

An old friend of mine is close to ninety years of age. We were talking about this subject and he said, "Well, I am not in a hurry to die because I know that I have to come back. So if I have to return, I would rather stay here."

Sri Chinmoy: The question is, "Is he enjoying the world or is he thinking of God and trying to realise God?" If your friend wants to remain on earth only to enjoy himself, then let him enjoy himself to his heart's content.

He wants to learn; he wants to grow spiritually.

Sri Chinmoy: Then it is a different matter altogether. Then it is better for him to remain in his present body. But without aspiration, if anybody wants to stay indefinitely, then it is sheer stupidity.