A talk to the disciples of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on January 24, 1971, in which the Master answers his own questions on meditation and then invites questions from the disciples.

What is meditation? Meditation is man’s self-transcendence.

What does meditation mean? Meditation means man’s inner achievement and his outer fulfilment.

Why do I have to meditate? You have to meditate because you need self-mastery.

Should I meditate to develop my intellect? No, you should meditate to develop your intuition.

What is the best time for meditation? 3 a.m. is the best time for meditation. That is called the Hour of God, the Brahma Muhurta. At that hour, the cosmic gods and goddesses start to perform their heavenly duties at the express command of the Supreme. At that divine hour, you too can begin your inner journey.

I need peace. Please tell me if there is any special time for me to meditate on peace. Early in the evening, between six and seven, is the best time to meditate on peace. Nature, as it offers its salutations to the setting sun, will inspire you, comfort you and help you in achieving peace.

I need power. Then meditate at twelve noon. The blazing sun and the most dynamic hour of the day will help you.

I need joy. Then meditate early in the morning between five and six. Mother-Earth, with her sweetest love, will help you.

I need patience. Then meditate in the evening. Meditate sitting at the foot of a tree. Meditate on the tree. its sacrificing consciousness will help you.

I need love. Then meditate at midnight, looking at your own picture. Your Inner Pilot will help you.

I need purity. Then meditate on your incoming breath and your outgoing breath early in the morning before you leave your bed. Your soul will help you.

Now I wish all of you to meditate for five minutes. After that, I wish you to ask me any questions on meditation. Your questions should be framed in one or two short sentences, please.