Question: How do we start meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: In this world, we do everything because we have a love for it. We do things for human beings, for our relatives, our children, because we love them. We acquire skills because we have a keen interest in them. If we feel that we have a real love for meditation, then we can easily meditate. We have to grow within us a love for meditation. Meditation is not an object it is a subject. We enjoy studying history because we have a love for knowing about the great events of the world and the great figures of history. Similarly, if we have a real love for God, then we will do the thing that is necessary to love Him. We will start meditating.

You asked how we can start meditating. It is by a spontaneous love for God. You don’t need any specific meditation now. Only ask yourself the question, “Do I love God?” Don’t ask, “Does He love me?” It is your business to feel within yourself whether you love Him or not. Then you should answer with a “Yes” or a “No.” If you say “Yes,” then ask yourself further: “How can I prove that I love Him? What can I do for Him? The proof is my self-sacrifice. Every day I shall sacrifice my life-breath to Him.” And when you feel that you are ready consciously to sacrifice your life-breath to God, devotedly and spontaneously, then I tell you that your meditation has started.