Part III: Question and answers

Question: How can one reach God in one's lifetime? [January 15, 1968]

Let us change the word “reach” and instead let us use the word “realise.” When we use the term “reach,” we feel that we have to come to a certain place. Now you are sitting over there and if you want to reach me, you have to come to me by either walking or jumping or flying. But when we use the term “realise,” there is no separation. Where is God? God is deep within us. But God-realisation in one life, in one short span of time, by one’s own personal effort, is next to impossible. But along with one’s personal effort, if the aspirant has absolute aspiration, one-pointed dedication, if he has the blessings, grace and concern of a very great spiritual Master who represents God to his disciples, and if he has been assured by his spiritual Master on this point, then, in one life, he can realise God.

If one does not have a fully realised Master, a Guru, but if his aspiration is most intense, then God’s Grace showers on him and God Himself plays the part of the human teacher, that is to say, the spiritual Master. If God sees that the particular aspirant is absolutely sincere and he deserves self-realisation in this life, then, as I have said, God plays the part of a human Guru. Otherwise it is a spiritual Master who becomes a pilot and takes you across the ocean of ignorance to Light, Wisdom, Peace, Bliss and Plenitude.

You have got a Guru, Agni, so your problem is over, and your aspiration is most intense. I say it with the very depth of my heart that this Guru of yours will never fail you. You will always be in the inmost recesses of his heart. He will carry you, carry you to the Golden Shore of the Beyond.