Question: So, at this point then, we have no control over our fate?

Sri Chinmoy: If we aspire, we can control our fate. If we aspire, light descends, or our own inner light comes to the fore. Just because we are in darkness, we feel that it is impossible. Now, as soon as we go out of this room, if we extinguish the light, there will be no light until you turn it on. So, when you come here tomorrow, you will again turn on the light and you will get light. At that time, you are controlling it. In the spiritual life, automatically light is controlling you. Light is saving you, protecting you, illumining you. Let us see the point from another angle. One thing is to go to desire and be caught there. Then we will always be caught in the meshes of fate. But the other way is to enter into the vast, which is spirituality, the inner life, the yogic power. Then you will find no necessity to control fate, because automatically your nature is being purified, your nature is being transformed and illumined. Rest assured, at that time you have gone beyond the laws of fate.