Question: Why is darkness impermanent and light permanent?

Sri Chinmoy: Darkness is impermanent, light is permanent, precisely because our Source is light. God is all light. We come from light. In light we grow. And through light we fulfil our inner task. God is the Permanent, the Eternal Source. We are His children. God-realisation, which is the flood of infinite light, is our birthright. The more we go deep within, the easier it becomes for us to realise that there is something within us which is everlasting. There is darkness around us now. We are enveloped by the night. We have been sleeping, for a few years or for a few incarnations. But a day will come when light, infinite light, will dawn on us and make us feel what we truly are. So, I wish to say, since the source, our source, is God who is light, we eventually have to grow into the light, because we cannot permanently do anything contrary to our Creator's Nature. It is the Creator who has created us and we have to eventually grow into His very image.

And what is light? Light is delight. The inner light is delight. And delight is immortal Nectar. In one of our Upanishads, it is said that we, all human beings, come into the world from delight. Again, delight is God, God the light. We grow in delight but we do not feel the delight because we live the surface life. We live in the meshes of ignorance. That is why we do not see the inner delight. We grow and, at the end of our journey's close, we enter into the effulgence of delight. We came from delight. We grow in delight. And at the end of our journey we go back, we retire into delight. But this experience we get only when we meditate.

When we meditate, we get inner peace, peace of mind. Delight is visible, palpable, tangible only when we have peace of mind. Unfortunately the modern mind, the intellectual mind, the doubting mind, the sophisticated mind does not care for this kind of delight which is nothing other than light. It cries for information, outer information, or it cries to achieve some partial truth. Again, while achieving the truth, it negates the truth. It doubts the truth. The mind sees the truth for five seconds and, at the time when it is about to achieve the truth, it doubts the possibility, the potentiality of the truth. Then who is the loser? The truth or the mind? Undoubtedly the mind. But if we live in the heart, then the heart gives us the message of identification. Here there is no doubt if we identify ourselves with the light, immediately we become the light. Inside the heart is the soul. So, if we can live, even for a minute daily, in our inner existence, then we can see light in abundant measure. We see it. We feel it. When we feel this light, we feel the possibility of growing into the effulgence of light. We feel this possibility. The moment we see light within us, within our inner Sun, which is infinitely brighter than the star sun, we feel the ignorance-night of millennia is gone. So let us try to go deep within and enter into the inner Sun, the cosmic Sun that we have. There we shall see that the light, the infinite light, is waiting for us, crying for us. It only needs our conscious approval, our cooperation.

To come back to your question, anything that is really infinite is permanent. Light is infinite. Hence it is permanent. It is eternal.