Question: Speaking in purely human terms, do you believe that all curiosity is the fear of truth?

Sri Chinmoy: No. All curiosity is not fear of truth, but when the divine truth comes to transform or illumine us, immediately we are afraid, for we are earthbound, we are full of ignorance, we are swimming in the sea of ignorance. At that time, when truth comes, or light comes, we are horror-struck.

Now, light is good. Everybody knows we need light. But, as soon as somebody has the light or wants to offer the light, what happens? The other person acts like a thief. He feels that he will be caught, he will be exposed. Many people do not go to spiritual persons. Why? They feel that spiritual Masters will immediately see through them and say, "Oh, you did such bad things just yesterday or a few months ago!" People don't want to be exposed to the light, although they need light.

Unfortunately, what happens when people run towards the light out of curiosity is that fear immediately follows, because they feel that they have, by that time, yielded to enough temptation in their life. They fear that the light will expose this life of temptation or pleasure. But it is all a deplorable mistake. They are not wise enough at that moment to feel that this light will not expose them. The spiritual light will never expose anything. On the contrary, it will illumine and transform them.

We use the ordinary electric light to see. When there is darkness in this room, as soon as you turn on the switch, it is all clear. Immediately, we know what has happened. Here, by this physical light, you may be exposed, but in the spiritual light, inner light, the curious person should know that he cannot be harmed or exposed. No. The spiritual light only wants to illumine and transform him.