Question: How can I sublimate or conquer my desires?

Sri Chinmoy: If you want to sublimate them, if you want to conquer your desires, there is only one thing to do. You have to pay more attention to the Light, in a positive way, but not by hook or by crook. If you try to subdue your physical or vital power in any kind of repressive way, then you will never be able to conquer this physical need. But, if you open yourself towards the Light, if you reach or feel the Light within you, then you will think more of the Light than of the darkness. You may feel that by thinking constantly of your desires, your vital, sex life, you will be able to conquer them, but it is impossible. Even if you want to think of them with a view to conquering them, you are making a mistake. Think of the other things, Light and Joy, which you need and which you actually want. Through concentration and meditation, you can have inner Joy and inner Light. You will try to bring them into your gross physical, and your physical being will also feel divine Joy and divine Light. At that time the life of destructive pleasure will leave you and the life of fulfilling joy will embrace you.