Question: Can you tell how spiritual Masters differ from ordinary beings — how they are, as you say, "sons of God"? Can you explain how they are superior to other human beings?

Sri Chinmoy: In the West we know that Christ, the Son of God, said, "I and my Father are one." In India, our Vedic seers said, "Aham Brahmasmi" — "I am the Brahman." On the strength of their highest realisation, they became the truth itself. When Christ or the spiritual Masters say that they are God, they say it on the strength of their inseparable oneness with Him. This is the essential difference between a real spiritual Master and an ordinary person. A real spiritual Master has become consciously one with God.

A real spiritual Master will never think that he is superior to anybody. He will feel that it is his bounden duty to be of service to the divinity, to the Supreme in humanity. A real father does not feel that he is superior to his children. He feels that it is his duty to bring up his children, because God has given him the opportunity and the responsibility. The matter of superiority does not come into the picture. Real spiritual Masters likewise do not have a feeling of superiority. They only feel that they are fortunate that God has chosen them to be of service to suffering mankind or searching mankind. They feel that in their self-dedicated service, they are trying to fulfil the Divine. Spiritual Masters do not think that those who are unillumined and unenlightened are inferior to them. No. The father never thinks his child is inferior to him. The older brother does not think his younger brothers are inferior. They have simply not had as much experience or wisdom as he has had. If one brother has seen where the Father is, he tells his other brothers where to find Him. He says, "Come with me. I know where our Father is." Then he leads them to their Father, but he does not feel that in doing so, he is superior.