Question: You quoted some words of Jesus Christ, whom you called the Son of God. When some of his followers asked him the way to God, he said, "I am the Way. No one comes to the Father but by me." How important do you think Jesus was?

Sri Chinmoy: How important to whom? To me, or to everybody? I cannot speak on behalf of humanity. I can speak only on the strength of my inner realisation. He is highly important, most important. When he says that he is the Way, he is speaking on behalf of his Father, on the strength of his inseparable oneness. Here he is not speaking as an individual human being who says, “If you want to see the truth, I am the only person who can show it to you. You have to come through me.” No. He is not speaking in that sense. Nor is he speaking as an ordinary human being who is jealous of others, or who feels that he is the only person who is realised, so that others who are not realised must go through him. No. Here it is his inseparable, his highest oneness with the Way and the Goal. He feels that it is through him, the Christ, that everybody has to go; not through the human personality, Jesus, but through the divinised, absolutely realised being. So, when he says that everybody has to go through him, that he is the Way, we have to know that it is he, the Saviour, who actually had the highest, most all-pervading realisation, and not the human being who stayed on earth for thirty-three years.