Question: Are you the basis of some religious group? What is the name of the religion that you stand for? What do you do?

Sri Chinmoy: I happen to be a spiritual teacher. I have a few hundred disciples in the United States and in various places all over the world. I teach them concentration, meditation and contemplation, the things that are required in order to realise one’s inmost truth. I act like a private tutor. I help them in their search for God-realisation. My disciples come to me for inner guidance. I have Centres in quite a few places. I visit these places from time to time. My headquarters are in New York. I have been in the States for the last six years. I have come to this part of the world and here, if somebody wants inspiration, it is my hope that I may be of some service to him. From inspiration one enters into aspiration. Those who are already aspiring can go deeper and higher, in order to realise the highest truth. So, I move around and if I can help any sincere seeker who needs my service, I feel I have played my role, I have played my part. This is what I have been doing so far.