Question: Sir, I have read of astral power, that through meditation one can bring out one's inner part and travel. Have you ever done that?

Sri Chinmoy: Well, I have done it hundreds of times, thousands of times. We call it the astral body. It is inside the physical body. It is the astral body with which we take astral journeys. The astral world is in the vital world. If you practise spirituality you will also acquire this kind of ability. We have six major centres. There is a special Yoga called Kundalini Yoga. If you follow Kundalini Yoga, you can open up these centres. These centres are not in the physical body proper; otherwise the doctors would have discovered them long ago. They are in our subtle body. If you can open up all the centres in the subtle body, there you can have all the powers which we call occult powers. You can easily travel all over the world with your astral body.