Question: This friend of mine had no religion. She didn't care about religion. She was very wild when she was at college. But then she was inspired to open the Bible for some reason. She felt very pulled to it and she started to study it more and more. Then she joined some Christian meditation group. But at one point she said she kept getting things, like somebody was bothering her. She said it was from the Devil. But finally her belief got stronger, so it stopped. What was it that actually happened to her? Was this trouble she had something good for her?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes. It was an experience. As her faith in God was stronger than the evil forces that she was encountering, naturally she could succeed. She did succeed. It is our faith in God that can enable us to overcome all negative forces. But although she was stronger, while she was fighting against evil forces, if she had felt that there was no light, no light from within or from the Beyond, naturally she would have become a victim to the evil forces. Then she would have been destroyed. Since her faith in God was genuine and strong, finally she saw the light. The darkness did not conquer her, could not conquer her.