Question: Would God send you a dream? Do you believe in spiritual dreams? What do they actually mean? Can dreams come true?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly, we do believe in dreams. But we have to know there are many places from which dreams come. Sometimes from the subconscious world we get many dreams which have no value. Sometimes we get dreams from the higher worlds. When we get dreams from the higher worlds these dreams are bound to materialise. Today's dream is tomorrow's reality. Why? Because the dream is coming from a world which is living, palpable. Only with our limited consciousness we do not know this. When we meditate we enter into many worlds consciously and the reality of these worlds enters into us in our dream. If the dream is from a higher world, it is fulfilled today or tomorrow. It has to be fulfilled. But, if it is just from the subconscious world, where we are quarrelling, fighting and doing so many undivine things, then it need not materialise.