Question: Six or seven times my uncle has had very vivid dreams which have actually happened on the physical plane after he has awakened. He believes that it is the soul that is giving him the message. Is he right about that? Can we all learn to interpret our dreams?

Sri Chinmoy: It is absolutely true. If you get the messages from up above, they are bound to take place. The thing is that if we meditate, if we concentrate, we consciously enter into the dream worlds. Now the dream world to us is something vague, uncertain, obscure to some extent. But if we study we come to know many things. Because you are studying here you have gathered, amassed knowledge. If you study inner life, naturally you will be inundated with the inner knowledge. It is a matter of studying. Self-knowledge is self-cultivation, inner discovery. When you study you discover many things. Similarly, if you study inwardly, then you will discover the inner life. There everything is recorded; we have only to unfold it.