Question: Do you suggest any special kind of mantra or meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: In my case, I teach my disciples how to meditate. I have a few hundred disciples. I teach them meditation. I have given mantras to a few, but I prefer meditation. I teach them collective meditation. Again, I teach them individually when I see that they need an individual meditation. They come to our Centres. We have a few Centres and the students come there and I teach them how to meditate. Mantras are important, extremely important, but I feel that meditation includes everything. If you can meditate well for, say, ten or fifteen minutes, then it will serve the same purpose that the mantras serve. When we repeat a mantra, it offers us a particular result. While using a mantra, we may pray to a particular god or invoke some particular god to give us peace, light, bliss or something else that we want or need. But, when we meditate, we enter into a vast expanse of peace, light and bliss. So, in my case I ask my disciples to meditate. Of course there is no hard and fast rule. I have given mantras to a few selected disciples. But in most cases I have advised my disciples to meditate.