Question: What does the United Nations Meditation Group do? Who belongs to this group? What kind of meetings do you hold?

Sri Chinmoy: The United Nations Meditation Group meets every Tuesday, when I go to the United Nations to hold meditation from twelve noon to one p.m. The representatives from various parts of the world and the staff members of the Secretariat come there to meditate. For about half an hour I meditate with them. I look at each individual seeker for a couple of seconds and try to lift, to elevate, their consciousness. I must say, the seekers who come there are extremely sincere. We hold our meditation in the Peace Room. They come, they meditate and they are inundated with inner peace. After that, usually I give a short talk for ten minutes or so. Then I invite questions, one serious question and sometimes two. We hold our meditation there every Tuesday. I am extremely glad and fortunate to be able to tell you that very recently I received a letter from the Secretary-General U Thant, appreciating our achievements. We have received two letters from him appreciating our spiritual activities in the Peace Room.