Question: Do you believe that everyone can meditate as you would like people to meditate? For instance, I have been to meditation classes, and I find it extremely difficult to meditate. When I meditate, to a certain degree I feel relaxed. But frankly, I feel no more than that.

Sri Chinmoy: Do you have a teacher, a spiritual Master?

Not really. There is someone I went to who is not a real teacher, not a Guru.

Sri Chinmoy: Unfortunately there is the difficulty. You need a spiritual teacher. You need a personal interview with your teacher in order to discuss the problems in your spiritual life with him. In our New York Centre one has to wait for six months for a personal interview with me. But whenever I go out of New York, if I see some seekers who are really sincere, then I give them a short interview for ten or twelve minutes. At that time the seeker need not be my disciple, far from it. Just because he is a sincere seeker, I try to help him in whatever way I can. But it is necessary to have a spiritual Master of your own. Again, you have to know that a spiritual teacher is not like an ordinary teacher or professor. He is like a private tutor. A professor will simply pass or fail you in a course according to your own standard. A tutor is not like that. A tutor helps you wholeheartedly and unconditionally so that you can pass your examination well. Your task is to swim across the sea of ignorance with the help of an able Master. You need a spiritual Master. You have to get a Master of your own.