Question: I would like to know how you felt the call of God in your life?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, I would like to tell you that I came into the world with a special mission. I have to tell the truth. It is far from boasting or bragging. When a person comes with a high mission to fulfil God here on earth, he automatically brings with him the love for God, the call of God, the spontaneous feeling for God. Ordinary persons do not have that.

An ordinary person grows slowly and when the years advance on him, he sees around him others who are thinking of God, praising God and people who feel that without God there can be no joy. These ideas enter into him and then, of course, he may also develop a little aspiration for God. Gradually, with the help of others and with his own sincere cry for God, he feels that he has also got the call of God. In my case, though, I came with a very high mission.

Then I had the opportunity to come into a very spiritual family. My parents were spiritual, my sisters and brothers are all living in a spiritual community; they have been there for the last thirty years or so.

When I was a child of a year and two months, my parents took me to a spiritual centre which in India we call an Ashram. From that time on, even my physical being was inspired with the message of my soul's inner call. Then when I was twelve and a half years old, I came to that place to stay permanently and I remained there for twenty years. At the age of thirteen, or when I had completed thirteen years, I became fully aware of what I was in my past incarnations. That is to say, my past spiritual achievements and so forth became revealed to me. Gradually, in the course of a year or two, I became fully aware of my self-realisation in my past incarnation and also my role as a spiritual teacher in my past incarnation.

So if I have to tell you, if you want me to tell you when actually I became fully aware of my spiritual realisation, then I must say that it was when I was between thirteen and fourteen years of age. But the call, if you ask when I got the call, I must say that the call I got or I had when my soul entered into this physical body, this physical frame. And that call I got hundreds of years ago to realise God and to fulfil God here on earth. But in this incarnation, I must say that I became totally and fully conscious of my inner call at the age of twelve and a half.