A special blessing and power

Sri Chinmoy asked each disciple present to place his hand on his heart. The Guru then concentrated intently on each person.

He then said, 'Today at about a quarter to three (one half-hour previously) the Supreme came to me and gave me a Special Blessing and Power. I was commanded to share it with all of you. The most effective way, I find, is when you place your hand on your heart. It becomes very easy to part with the inner Wealth, the Wealth that I received. So it is in order to give you something most valuable, invaluable, most precious, that I requested you to do this. That invaluable thing, the Blessing, the Power that the Supreme gives, I offered to all of you here now. And it is now working. All of you will make great progress by the very touch of the Supreme within your heart. You may not feel it right now, but within an hour, in the early evening or at night, you will feel that something most special has entered into you.

And now I wish all of you to place your hand on your heart individually when I look at you. That is to say, I wish to concentrate on that particular person most intensely, spiritually and divinely. And that concentration and meditation will be meant only for him or for her. After that we will have a general meditation. In that meditation, all of us will aspire and invoke the Supreme and all of us will be benefited.

Just one thing more I wish to say to Kalipada. It takes many, many years for a spiritual seeker to identify himself spiritually with what he was before, to get back his old realisation in his present incarnation. I know people in India who were once realised souls. They had achieved realisation. Now, although they have become aware of it, they have not been able to bring down their realisation into their mental and physical consciousness. In their deep meditation, they feel a kind of revelation, but they have not been able to bring their realisation, their highest realisation, back into their outer existence. In some cases, it takes forty or fifty years. In some cases, at the end of their lives or on their deathbed, they get back their realisation. In my case also, it took years.