Mr. George Riddell: Does anyone else have a question? Mr. Casanova!

Mr. Jose L. Casanova: It seems that modern man has made quite a mess of the world with constant wars, riots, rebellions, strikes, delinquency, etc. And ordinary corrective methods seem to be a total failure. Do you think, Master Chinmoy, that this is a natural order of things or is there any way for modern man to live in peace and have universal love and order?

Sri Chinmoy: You are right. We have made a mess of the world. Now, from the spiritual standpoint, this is not the natural order of things. Far from it. The most natural order in our human existence would be the life of peace, with universal love obeying faithfully a universal law. Now your question is, "How can man do that?" Man can do that by thinking God's thoughts and by living God's Truth. Impossible it might seem today, but tomorrow it will be not only possible, but inevitable. United, let us raise our consciousness into that Golden Tomorrow.