Question: What is true humility and how does true love for mankind manifest in us?

Sri Chinmoy: Humility, what we call humility is truly the divine dignity. It is God's true divine pride. "Therefore know by that humility that thou art God."

We cannot be abused. We do not allow anybody to stand on our head. We do not allow anybody to treat us mercilessly. God… let us look at God. He lives in the grass. Early in the morning we walk on the grass and how it is crushed and spoiled, but there He is. Without humility we do not, cannot, possess the divine dignity. And what is this divine dignity? Divine dignity is the knowledge that we exist in everything. I am God, so I exist everywhere, in everything. So now, if one wants to realise God, the first and foremost thing that will be necessary is humility.

Now to go deeper; when one is humble it does not mean that he is weak, he is a beggar. No. Humility and humiliation are two totally different things. Very often here in the West we take humility as humiliation. Why should we allow anybody to trample us, to degrade us? No, that is called humiliation. But humility is something that spontaneously grows in our day-to-day life because it is the sweetest, softest, mildest and at the same time most fertile ground in us. Look at this Mother Earth. Can there be anybody or anything as humble as Mother Earth? Mother Earth is holding us, receiving all impacts from us, guiding us. She is all love, all compassion and at the same time, all powerful. But when we look at Mother Earth, the first thing that comes to our mind is humility. How humble! We see this when we appreciate nature and natural beauty all around us. How humble they are! The more humble one is, the greater is his strength. God is omnipresent. That means He is everywhere. Just because He is everywhere, He is also omnipotent; He is all powerful. So when we are humble, when we know the true meaning of humility, we immediately become one with the person who is around us, in front of us, and one with the object that is around us. The moment we become totally one with God or Light or Duty or Power or with Consciousness, we become the All-powerful, the Almighty in our inner life, as well as outer life.

So humility is the secret to show us the oneness with the outer world and also with the inner world. When we have true humility, we unite both worlds, the inner and the outer. When we unite the worlds, then we see what else is required: possessing the world. When we possess the world, what else is required? We become the real rulers of the world. This ruler does not dominate. No, he will be the conscious guiding light of the world.

To come back again to your question, true humility is man's true dignity: God's divine pride. We say "humility" and God says "God's divine pride" which is expressed not like the human pride of arrogance. No, God's divine pride is in everyone, in everything, and that divine pride you get only from humility.