Question: Can we draw upon the cosmic energy by going deep within ourselves?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, we can draw upon the cosmic energy by entering into our deeper consciousness, the all-pervading consciousness, which is here, there, everywhere. There are various types of "consciousness" in the spiritual worlds. It is the inner consciousness, the inmost consciousness, that touches the springs of the cosmic energy. If we can have a free access to our inmost consciousness, the cosmic energy is bound to come to the fore if you go deep within, it comes like a spring, a never-failing spring. And when it comes, it permeates the whole body.

Unfortunately we look at the spiritual life with our outer eyes. It is here that we make our mistake. But if we look at the inner life with our heart's feeling and our soul's light, then we see that the inner life has already housed the outer life, energised the outer life and perfected the outer life. The deeper we go within, the greater will be our fulfilling and fruitful achievement without.