T.V. Programme — WKAQ, Channel 2

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

December 27, 1967

Moderator: Sudha (Miss Carmen Suro)

Panel: Vijaya (Mrs. Sarah Casanova), Agni (Mr. Jose Luis Casanova), Prajna (Mrs. Haydee Casellas), Mr. Pedro Dacosta

Introduction by Sudha:

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to the courtesy of "Foro de la Comunidad" (Community Forum), I have the privilege and the pleasure to introduce to you the figure of Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose. To many here in Puerto Rico he is well known. Many know, "Una Pausa en el Dia" ("A Pause in the Day"), the column in "El Mundo", the daily newspaper where Sri Chinmoy expresses his teachings.

Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual figure, a great Master, philosopher and Hindu yogi. He is the spiritual director of the Aum Centre in San Juan and the Aum Centre in New York. Sri Chinmoy is with you.

Sri Chinmoy: Thank you. I am extremely happy to be here at this T.V. station and at the same time I am most grateful to the authorities of this T.V. station WKAQ for granting us the opportunity to be here. We do hope that we will be able to serve, to some extent, those who will be seeing us and listening to us. Again I wish to offer my deepest sense of gratitude to this T.V. station, WKAQ.