Question: I believe that Adam and Eve were Vitudha and Atman and then they underwent that transformation. Is this true?

Sri Chinmoy: Both Adam and Eve were individual souls. It is not that one was the divine soul and the other, the human soul. No, both of them were human souls. In the field of manifestation, Paramatman or the Supreme took both Adam and Eve for His experience and for His manifestation. Now through silence, He embodies Peace and that embodiment takes place in man. Then through Power, God reveals His manifestation and that manifestation takes place in woman, that is to say, in Prakriti. So in order to embody Peace Infinite, God needed Adam. In order to manifest Power Infinite, God needed Eve. One for the embodiment of Peace, the other for the manifestation of Power. But both of them, Adam and Eve, were individual souls created in order to manifest and embody the Truth. God needed both of them. Not Adam, the cosmic soul and Eve, the individual soul. No. Both of them were individual souls, but God expressed Himself through them in two different ways in order to achieve the fullest Truth here on earth. Neither one was superior to the other: both of them were equal.