Question: What do you mean by scepticism? Do you mean by the term the same thing that religions mean when they say that somebody is a sceptic?

Sri Chinmoy: Scepticism means absence of belief. It means the denial of the existence, of the reality, of Truth. A sceptic can exist in any walk of life. We can see people doubting religion, doubting ethics, doubting the capacity of others. So one can be a sceptic in any walk of life. By doubting somebody else, do we get any true benefit? Do we derive any benefit? No. When we doubt someone, we actually weaken ourselves. Truth always exists and Truth ultimately prevails. One who doubts the Truth will always starve. The one who believes in the Truth will be fed by the Truth. Truth is the all-nourishing food. The more we doubt the existence of Truth, the weaker we become. By doubting Truth, we never reach the Goal, whereas by believing in Truth, by staying in Truth, by feeling Truth, we finally become the Truth itself.