Question: But you are not Infinite.

Sri Chinmoy: You are seeing me now as a man, but if you can enter into my consciousness, you will see there the infinite Consciousness. If you meditate with me, I can penetrate into you and see the infinite Consciousness that is within you. But you do not have that power. You are not only a human being with hands and feet. You come from God and have within you all the possibilities to realise God. But you have not cultivated them. If a person does not learn to read he remains ignorant. If he does not learn a certain type of work he will remain ignorant of what that work signifies. By the same token, if he does not meditate, how can he enter into that inner world? This outer world that we perceive with our physical senses is not the only world. There exist seven different worlds. An ordinary person knows nothing about those worlds. He only perceives this physical world with its buildings, roads and all that and he thinks that this is the only world.

But if you enter into meditation you will see another world that is much bigger. You will see lights and see other beings and many other things. A spiritual person practices concentration and meditation because to him this world is not enough. If one is satisfied with this present world, he is not invited to practise meditation; but if he is not satisfied, we invite him to come and meditate with us, so that he can see that other worlds exist.