Talk to members of the finance department of the Government of Puerto Rico: August 1, 1968

Talk to members of the finance department of the Government of Puerto Rico

Sri Chinmoy: Friends, sisters and brothers, I am extremely happy to be here. This morning I wish to say just a few words. I am looking at the picture of Christ, the Son of God, the true Son of God. The Son of God has taught us that all human beings come from the same source, the Eternal Father. Now what are we? We are also the children of God. We are His chosen children.

Each human being has three teachers: the mind, the heart and the soul. The mind tells us that God is a sempiternal mystery; the mind cannot fathom God's mystery. The mind tells us that God is an eternal mystery. The heart tells us that God is an eternal experience. Now the soul. The soul which is a portion of God tells us that God is an eternal achievement. At each moment we are achieving something from God, either consciously or unconsciously.

What does the mind need? The mind needs clarity. The heart needs sincerity. The soul needs spontaneity. Clarity is the mind's joy. God walks inside the head of our clarity. God sees through the eye of our heart's sincerity. God fulfils Himself in the nectar flow of our souls. His Divinity in us. When we think of God, we see Him standing behind us. When we pray to God, we see Him standing right in front of us. When we meditate on God, we see God deeply seated within us. When we devote ourselves to God, to God alone, we see God within, God without and God in His manifestation all around. Finally, when we surrender ourselves to God, to God alone, we become God's veritable child.

Man dies. When he dies for God, he lives eternally in the heart of God. And when man lives for God, in order to dedicate himself entirely to serve humanity, to help humanity, to illumine humanity, then he becomes the very breath of God.

This is the Department of Finance. Here I wish to say one thing. What is our necessity? What is our true necessity? We have only one necessity and that is God's Blessing. How can we have it, this Blessing of God? We can have it just by borrowing from God's bank. We can have this blessing only from God's bank. If we want to pay our debt, what are we going to do? Again we have to borrow from God's Bank. There is no other choice. Once we have borrowed His blessings, now we want to pay Him off. But how can we do it? We can do it only by borrowing once again from the bank. But this time we have to borrow only one thing and that is His Wisdom: the Eternal Infinite Wisdom. We do not commit any mistake. We grow in Light, we grow in Peace, we grow in Joy, in sublime Bliss. So if we can grow in God's wisdom, we embody everything. Let us try to grow in God's adamantine protection and at the same in His Infinite Wisdom.