Question: Could you tell me what is freedom, where is it and how can earthbound man have it?

Sri Chinmoy: True freedom is infinite joy, boundless joy inside us, around us, everywhere. This boundless joy we get when we see true freedom in us. Where do we get this true freedom? We get it when we live in the soul, when we are able to utilise our soul's will-power, when we are one with God's consciousness consciously. That is to say, when we are aware of our oneness with God, consciously we become the possessors of true freedom.

Now earthbound men can easily have this freedom. A day will dawn when each man on earth will be blessed with this freedom. Now each human being, most of the time, lives in the body, that is to say in the physical being. The body is limited, the physical is limited. It is like a prison cell; but inside the body there is something called the soul; this soul is a portion of the infinite. If a person lives in the soul then he becomes aware of the infinite within him.

When we say it exists in us, we will have to make ourselves feel that our very existence depends on the soul's will, the soul's achievement and fulfilment. If we live in the soul, we are bound to have true freedom, and this freedom is infinite Joy, Peace, Power. To have this infinite Joy, we have to live in the soul and not in the body.