Question: You have been here several times. Is there any particular reason, special reason that you come or do you come to visit Puerto Rico and be with your followers? Is there any special reason?

Sri Chinmoy: There is a special reason why I come to Puerto Rico. This is my seventh visit to Puerto Rico. First of all, I come here because I love this place very much. The aspiration of this place has conquered my heart. Here the spiritual soil of Puerto Rico is extremely fertile and I happen to be a spiritual farmer; so being a spiritual farmer, I come to this most beautiful and most fertile land to cultivate the soil, and here I get the bumper crop. The aspiration of this place, this island, has touched the very depth of my heart.

This is one reason; then there is also another important, most important reason. I have here a well established Centre called the Aum Centre. Here I have quite a few sincere, dedicated and devoted disciples who are absolutely dedicated to their inner call and God-realisation. I come here to inspire them and help them in their inner life and their discovery.

Then, there is another particular reason. I come from India and I see many things in common between India and Puerto Rico. There are many things which unite India and Puerto Rico. The qualities of this land immediately remind me of my India. The qualities of the heart, the qualities of the soul, the peace-loving qualities. Peace-loving countries have much to do in common. So for all these reasons I come to Puerto Rico, and I am pretty sure that I shall be here many, many, many times during my lifetime.