Mr. George Riddell: We are just about coming to the end of our time now. We have time for one more question.

Mr. Ed Belville: I would like to ask one more question before we sign off. Can a Westerner become a real Yogi?

Sri Chinmoy: Your name is Mr. Ed Belville. We are greatly honoured to be here at this Radio Station WHOA, where you have brought us, Mr. Belville, and made all the arrangements. At this hour you are asking me this particular question. I wish you to remember this question some day either in this incarnation or in your immediate future incarnations.

You are a Westerner; you are an aspirant, a sincere aspirant. You are bound to realise God; you are bound to become a Yogi in one of your forthcoming incarnations. Then you will see whether a Westerner can become a Yogi or not. A yogi is he who is in union with God’s Consciousness. Yoga is not the sole monopoly of India and a Yogi is not the sole product of India. I am God’s son, you are God’s son. We have the equal right, the equal privilege to go to our Father, to enter into our Father’s Consciousness. Many Western spiritual masters have entered into God’s Consciousness and received what the Indian Yogis have received. You too, can do it. For God-realisation, geographical boundaries do not exist. God’s Consciousness pervades the length and breadth of the world and beyond. So, being a Westerner, a human being, you are caught by God’s all-pervading Embrace. You cannot escape; you also have to have self-realisation. Then only will God leave you.

Westerner, Easterner, Northerner or Southerner, all must needs have this union with God; all can and all must become a Yogi or a Yogini. It is a matter of time, either today or tomorrow. God will not allow anyone to remain unrealised or unfulfilled.

Mr. George Riddell: Well, that is all the time we have now. We thank you very much, Sri Chinmoy Ghose, for the privilege of having you here and for accepting our invitation to come here and explain Yoga.