Question: What should be the approach of the aspirant to the concept of the Supreme?

Sri Chinmoy: There should be no mental approach, first of all. The Supreme has infinite aspects. If the aspirant gets inspiration or aspiration to see the Supreme, let us say, in a human body, in human form, there is nothing wrong with it. Again, if the aspirant wants to feel the supreme concept as that of infinite Consciousness or infinite Light or infinite Power, he can meditate on that. But it has to come from within.

Some spiritual Masters say that God should be realised in a human form; then the seeker will be more convinced. Experiencing Him in His infinite aspect and infinite consciousness, they say, makes it difficult for the aspirant to even believe in the personal God. But I wish to say that the personal Supreme and the impersonal Supreme, we all know, are One. So each aspirant must realise the Supreme, both in His personal aspect and in His impersonal aspect. In His personal aspect, there is a form which we can see — golden; you cannot describe it. It is beyond description, the colour of the Supreme! It is dazzling and divinely luminous. It is all golden, beyond human description. That is the personal aspect of the Supreme when you see Him in a form. And again, when He is formless, it is all Consciousness or Energy or Power.

So there should be no approach. If from within, you get an inner urge to see the Supreme as a personal Being, try to approach Him or try to meditate on Him in the personal aspect. Again, if you feel you will be happy to see Him in His impersonal aspect, then meditate on the impersonal aspect. But the inner urge of the aspirant will make the aspirant run towards a particular goal. And once he reaches the Goal, there the personal and the impersonal become totally one.