Question: I want to know the relationship between maya and creation.

Sri Chinmoy: Only you want to know what maya is. Maya is a Sanskrit word. It means measure. When we measure something we bind it. I gave a talk on maya a few minutes ago on the definition of the word. In the word maya, commonly translated as "illusion," the root meaning is to bind, is to measure something, to measure. Now in our day-to-day activity we are binding, we are trying to bind the Infinite which cannot be bound. Maya exists in us because we are afraid of something vast, something deep. On the one hand, we say that we want everything, but the moment a little thing is offered to us, our vessel is so small that we feel that it will break us totally. At that time we cry aloud, "We don't want it." Maya exists because we consciously and very often want to wallow in the pleasure of ignorance. That is, only when we aspire do we come to realise that very often, consciously we want the joy of inconscience and foolish emptiness. And when we wallow in the pleasure of ignorance, maya says, "Oh, you are my friend, you are my eternal friend."

Now, how can you get rid of maya, illusion? You have to feel that God the Creator wants something from you and this something is unique. It is only you who will perform God's Will in a unique way. Somebody else will perform God's Will in his own unique way. The moment you feel the necessity of fulfilling God in God's own way you can rest assured that maya, the illusion, or maya, the limitation cannot stand in front of your way. To fulfil God in God's own way is to fulfil, is to achieve Infinity in us. So when you are receiving and fulfilling Infinity in your inner and outer nature, there can be no measurement, no mental illusion, no hallucination of the mental life. In your aspiration, illusion will lose its existence and finally it will disappear for good.