Question: Why do we need a spiritual Master? Can't we find Truth by ourselves?

Sri Chinmoy: Why do you go to the university? To learn anything, we need the help of a teacher. If we want to learn to sing, we go to a singer; if we want to learn to dance, we go to a dancer. Similarly, if we want inner knowledge, we need the help and guidance of a spiritual teacher. For everything we need a teacher but not for the spiritual life — it is absurd!

If the mother does not teach the child, how will he learn the alphabet? So when we launch into the spiritual life, we need the blessings and concern of a spiritual Master, and then when we have got our degree — when we are on the verge of realisation or we have achieved realisation — then we graduate and no longer need his help.

True, the Light is within you, but unless someone shows you where to find the Light, you cannot see it. The treasure is inside you, but you need someone to lead you to the treasure box and show you how to unlock it.