Question: You said that we are all evolving and progressing. But where did this whole process start? Was there a beginning?

Sri Chinmoy: We came into existence from God's delight. When we entered the creation, we evolved through the lower stages: mineral life, plant life, animal life. It is true that we are constantly progressing. Now we have entered into the human life — I beg to be excused, we are still half-animal! There are people who want to kill others, stab others, and do all kinds of violent and destructive things

But in the case of a spiritual aspirant, it is different. He tries to drop all the lower animal parts of his nature and tries to be aware of and live in his true divine nature where it is all Peace and Joy and Love.

In the beginning we came from delight, we are now growing in delight, and we shall consciously return to delight.