Question: Could a creature of the Supreme Omnipotent, Omniscient, obtain a temporary suspension of his karma so that he can obtain worthy progress? What are the requisites thereof?

Sri Chinmoy: Spiritually it does not happen in that way. Suppose an individual has done something wrong. Then what will happen is that the cosmic forces, the cosmic law, we can say, offer him the results of it. Now if something wrong has been done and for five or six months the result is suspended although the punishment is due, it may be that for a few months, the cosmic forces are observing him and seeing if he is trying to turn over a new leaf and if he is praying and meditating and all that. You have to know that it is not actually that the result is being suspended. No. The forces are operating which are going to offer him the result of his action. But the divine forces that enter into the particular person, the seeker, here fight with him against these forces of karma. It is not that for five or six months the cosmic punishment is suspended. No, these karmic forces have already inwardly acted. As the result is coming, what is happening meanwhile is that the Divine Compassion is operating in and through that particular person. The Divine Compassion is acting like a divine hero, inside that particular man. So he feels, "Alright, I have done something wrong but now I am doing something right to nullify it. If I am doing something right to nullify it, if I have the capacity to do something good, in the inner life I also have the capacity in the inner life to draw to myself the Compassion of God in the form of forgiveness." Forgiveness is a divine soldier. So that divine soldier is fighting against the undivine result of the undivine soldier.

So I wish to tell you that it is not actually a suspension of karma. The cosmic law is operating. If you have made a mistake you are going to reap the fruit, but at that moment Compassion comes, falls downward to your aspiring heart and fights against outer desire. Your aspiration comes and fights against your outer desire. If a spiritual Master is involved, your own inner, higher deity is involved. Then what will the Master do? If he sees that somebody is about to be punished for his wrong karma and he sees that this punishment will last for only six months, if the spiritual Master wants, if it is the will of God, immediately he will take the pain inside himself. But he will not suffer for six months. He will suffer for ten days or fifteen days or even only three days if he wants.

Or what he can do is to take the pain and immediately throw it into the universe. That he can do. Now, here, for my dearest disciples, I can do this. About a month ago … you know today is Monday. Today they offer meditation at the Connecticut Centre where Akuti is President. About a month ago, A was not coming down; she was in Vancouver in our Centre there. That Monday, one of our very close disciples was suffering from an abdominal pain for the whole day. Her husband takes me to the Connecticut Centre and she was coming from her place with her husband to take me up there. Now it is a matter of two minutes from their place to our place. She was about to vomit, her pain was so unbearable. Then what did I do? I entered into the car and I was eating something. I was eating peanuts. So I said, "I am eating now, I can't do anything." She was suffering like anything. Then her husband needed gas for the car so he went three or four blocks to a gas station. While the man was filling the tank, I told her husband, "I am very hungry. Bring me a sandwich." He went to the cafeteria and brought me a sandwich. So I was sitting in the front seat and she was in the back. Unbearable, excruciating pain she was suffering. I told her, "Now look, place your hands on the affected area, wherever it is." I looked at her and the pain was gone. She could not believe it! Her husband came back. She smiled and told her husband, "The pain is gone." Now this pain that I took away would have lasted in her at least for four or five hours. At least four or five hours she would have suffered and when I took it, I suffered for three or four minutes. But the pain I suffered for her was a real pain and with the pain I was still eating and smiling. Inside I was suffering, outside I was eating and smiling. I knew that in four or five minutes the pain would be gone. This was done with my own conscious awareness.

Last week you saw Suparna here. She was suffering terribly from a headache, an unbearable headache. She started meditating at nine o'clock. She said to my transcendental picture, "Take it, take it, take it. I cannot bear it anymore." Her Master took it. So here I wish to say that the actual karma was for her to suffer. If I had not taken the karma, it would have lasted for a few hours. We can take it away but we can take it only when it is God's Will.

The other day Sevananda and others were saying that their parents are against me because I am exploiting their children. So I told them, "Please tell your parents that either this Indian fellow is very clever, more clever than you are or he has more love for us than you have. Either one of these two qualities he has. Either I am cleverer than your parents, or I have more love for you, and therefore you listen to me."

The law of karma, when you enter into the real spiritual path, is already nullified to some extent. The very fact that one has entered into the spiritual life has opened the person to some higher forces. The spiritual life means the acceptance of a higher force. When one has accepted the higher force, then the higher force tries to enter according to the person's own capacity. The child consciously runs towards his father. The child knows that his father has more power, more love, more wisdom, more capacity than he and that is why the child is running towards the father. Now, the spiritual life is the life of the Father, and the ordinary human life is the life of the child. So when in ordinary life we are running toward the spiritual life and have accepted the spiritual life, that means we are running towards the Father. So the spiritual life has more power, the Father has more power than the son. When one enters into the more powerful, that means the more powerful has the capacity to help the child. The child is the ordinary human life and the Father is spiritual life, the life of aspiration.