Question: Is this done through a mental process?

Sri Chinmoy: No, it is done through an inner, psychic process. It is not through the mind, it is through feeling. When we aspire, we stop the functioning of the mind. It is from here, from the heart. When we think, for one minute we will think a good thought, cherish it, and then the next moment, we will think an ordinary uncomely, or undivine thought. But when we do it from here, from the heart, we don't think at all; we just go into the reality through inspiration. We discover that there is a burning flame within us. The burning flame helps us to become divine and spiritual. So when we kindle the flame of aspiration, we transform ignorance into light. The higher the flame of aspiration goes, the farther the light spreads. You go up, up, up and you see it spreading its light all around. It is a conscious awareness of one's inner Divinity within us. It is here; in the heart.