Question: Why is it that a person you are dreaming of sometimes changes faces and becomes other people?

Sri Chinmoy: When you see a person change his face and become other people in a dream, it can mean that you are seeing quite a few of that particular person’s previous incarnations, or it may happen that his soul wants to show you the future incarnations of that particular person. The soul is able to do this. Or it may be that even in this incarnation, you will have a different experience of this same person. When he is in the physical world you will see him in one way, when he is in the vital world you will see him in another way, when he is in the mental world you will see him in a third way, and when he is in the psychic world you will see him in a fourth way. This is quite possible.

Again, it may be that you are seeing different things that are happening in the person’s inner being or consciousness. These things are taking form, or you are giving life to them, and they are being reflected on the person’s face.

When spiritual Masters look at their disciples, they see different faces on the same person. When I look at you, if you are angry, immediately I see one face in you. If you are depressed, I see a different face. If you are happy, I see a third face. Your physical face is actually the same, but the forces that you embody in your physical body immediately come to the fore, and these forces are easily noticeable by spiritual Masters. If you are depressed, a depression force is operating inside you; if you are happy, a happiness force is operating in you; if you are angry, an anger force is operating.

In the dream, if faces are changing constantly, but not inspiring you, then you should try to stop the dream. But if each time the face is changing you get inspiration and aspiration, then be happy to see the change of faces.

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