Divine business proposition

It was a very hot summer day and, on his way home from the palace, Gopal became tired. So he entered into a garden, took off his coat and lay down to sleep. While he was fast asleep a thief came and stole his coat.

When he woke up and saw that his coat had been stolen, Gopal became very sad. He said to himself, “Now what am I going to do? How am I going to return home? What will I say to my wife? This was my most beautiful coat.”

Gopal prayed to the Supreme Goddess, “O Mother, if You bless me with ten rupees on my way home, I will use half the amount to buy a coat and the other half I will give as a love offering at Your Temple.”

The Goddess kindly listened to Gopal’s prayer, and on his way home he found a five-rupee note. Although he had promised the Goddess half of what he found, Gopal was very clever. He said, “O Goddess, I asked You for ten rupees and promised to give You five. Now I see that You have already kept Your share. Since You have kept Your share, I don’t have to give anything to the Temple. With the five rupees that are my share I shall buy myself a beautiful new coat. I am most grateful that You have given me the money to buy a coat.”

Spiritual comments

Some seekers come to a spiritual Master and say, “Master, give us Peace, Light and Bliss. We shall share it with others. We shall give half of the Peace, Light and Bliss we get from you to others.” But when the Master gives them Peace, Light and Bliss, they feel that he has not given them enough. So immediately they say, “Master, you are very clever. You have not given us the full amount. You have given us only half of what we expected from you. Naturally you cannot expect us to share this little bit that we have with others. We shall keep it for ourselves until we have enough to share. But we are grateful to you for giving us this much.”

But there are some seekers who are very sincere. They feel that even if they get an insignificant quantity of inner wealth, they can still share it with the world without losing anything. They feel that if they give a little of their Peace, Light and Bliss to the world, the Master will give them a hundredfold in return. This feeling of theirs is absolutely correct.

Again, there are some seekers who feel that only by giving to others can they manifest the Divine on earth. These seekers never expect anything either from the world or from the Master. Whatever they get from the Master they give unconditionally and unreservedly to the world at large. Even if the Master or the world does not give them anything in return, they will remain happy and satisfied. They feel that offering their wealth gives them the highest and deepest joy. The disciples who give unconditionally without expecting anything from the world or from the Master, those who cry for the manifestation of the Supreme’s Light on earth, are the true chosen disciples of the Master. The Master is most proud of them.