Question: Guru, when I start aspiring to meditate, I feel your compassion coming down and I feel your smile. Should I stop and surrender or should I try to keep on aspiring during the meditation and go higher?

Sri Chinmoy: When you see that I am smiling during your meditation, at that time the joy that you get will lift you. The joy that you get from seeing my smiling face will be more powerful than if you just continued going on aspiring. My smiling face will be able to give you the tremendous push that you need to go to the Highest. After seeing me, if you want to separate your aspiration from my smiling face, then you will try again with your personal effort to go up. Once you have seen me, that means you have come into contact with my smile, that is, my higher Reality. Once you get into my higher Reality, at that time let my heart push you up. A child is trying to climb up a tree while the father is just waiting, observing him. But if the child has got the father to help him up, naturally the father will be able to take him up to the highest bough of the tree. So, at that time, only allow the smile to enter into you and assimilate it. Let the power of the smile, which is oneness, carry you to the Highest. Do not make any more personal effort.