Question: Is it bad for someone to fall asleep after meditation if he is meditating at three or four in the morning?

Sri Chinmoy: No, it is not bad at all. If you have to sleep after meditation, you can go to sleep, but if you can continue meditating until five and not go to sleep, that is infinitely better. But something is better than nothing. If you can meditate for an hour, then you can assimilate the results of your meditation afterwards. But if you go immediately to sleep after meditating, and if you get up at nine or ten o’clock, then there may be more difficulty. Between six and seven in the morning, your consciousness becomes agitated by your own vital forces or the aggression of the earth. So the agitation from the earth’s consciousness or from your own lower vital can come into the results of your meditation, which you had earlier.

So you have to be very careful. Suppose you have meditated from two to three. Then you can sleep again from three to five. Then again you should wake up. Otherwise, the agitated consciousness of earth can create a disturbance.