Part III — Questions and answers

Question: Can you say that love is the only law in the whole universe?

Sri Chinmoy: Love is the only law. We can call it "law", we can call it "love", we can call it "oneness". A judge or a scientist will say "law", a seeker will say it is all love and a spiritual Master will say it is all oneness. It depends on the person. A seeker will say that love is holding the universe. A person who has realised God will say that oneness is holding the universe. An ordinary human being will say that laws are holding the universe. If you break the laws, then there will be chaos. If everybody abides by the laws, then there will be no disharmony, no conflicts, no quarrels, no fights. But when we go one step ahead and become seekers, at that time we say that if I really love you and you really love me, then there will be no disharmony or conflict at all. Again, if we go still farther, deeper or higher, we see that if I am one with you and you are one with me, then there can be only perfection. It depends on the individual's spiritual growth. First comes law, then comes love, then comes oneness.