Question: I used to go to a resting place where I can talk to myself and where I have been in contact with two people, a man and a woman. I have never seen their faces; I don't know them. But I can talk to them, although they cannot talk to me. When I ask them questions, they answer me with signs, or by doing something with the body. But since I started to meditate, I can't go to this place any more.

Sri Chinmoy: In your previous incarnation you were closely connected with a particular spiritual Master. The man and woman were your teachers. Now your teachers are not in the physical world, but they are trying to lead you towards me. Once they are convinced that you will run towards God on this path, then they will be satisfied. This is an experience that started from your previous incarnation. They were your teachers and mentors, and they were leading you towards me. It is a connection from your previous incarnation.